Songchain is a new market for
independent artists to easily mint and sell NFTs

We simplify the process of NFT creation in a market previously restricted to big-name artists who spend thousands on private NFT auctions.


Artists can seamlessly mint NFTs on our platform at no cost and with no prior blockchain experience required. Musicians can focus on their work and we will handle the details.


Artists and their fans can come together on SongChain not only to buy and sell custom NFTs, but also to chat, interact, and discuss important trends and news in music. Users can form communities around their favorite genres, cities, and topics to find other like-minded users on SongChain.


Fans can support their favorite artists by purchasing an NFT while simultaneously investing in that artist's potential. If your favorite underappreciated musician finally blows up, you have cash along with bragging rights to show for it.


Fans can promote up and coming acts by engaging and upvoting underecognized artists. Via this system, users are encouraged to discover new music curated by the Songchain community in a transparent and fair format.


Nate Koidahl, CEO



Nicky Swedin, CMO

Producer for 49th Parallel

For Musicians, by Musicians

SongChain's team is composed of indpendent musicians who see a need for a product that can bring the potential of NFTs to artists like them.

What Artists Think About SongChain

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